Best Winamp skin pack 6

Please find below Winamp skin pack 6

Date: November 2015
License: Free version
OS: Windows, Winamp 5.x

Winamp Skin Mozart

This is a very realistic elite and modern style design.

Download Winamp Skin Mozart

Winamp Skin The Silence

Most beautiful skin ever.


Download Winamp Skin The Silence

Winamp Skin Unison Brainstormed


Download Winamp Skin Unison Brainstormed

Chipamp for Winamp

Download Chipamp for Winamp

Version: Chipamp 1.1
Date: October 2013
License: Free version
OS: Windows
Web site:

Chipamp is a absolutelly free bundle of plugins for Winamp that lets you play a variety of games formats, including music from game consoles like the Sony Playstation, NES, SNES, Sega and Gameboy.


Download Chipamp for Winamp