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Winamp is a media player for Windows, Mac OS and Android devices, written by Nullsoft.

On November 2013, AOL announced that Winamp would shut down on December 2013, and the software would no longer be officially available for download by the company after that date.

Please find below a link to download Winamp software

Winamp 5.666 (Pathed version)

Winamp 5.6 for Windows

Winamp 5.7 for Windows (Beta version)

Winamp for MacOS 0.8

Winamp for Android 2.0

Winamp Android 1.14

Winamp for Android

Winamp for Android

Winamp for Android is a serviceable music player that will grant you to listen to your best music directly from your mobile device by previously importing your library from your computer. Winamp for Android plays mp3 and many other audio files.


Winamp for Android

Winamp for Android. Winamp for Android is a best music player and provides all the options that you expect with Android. With Winamp for Android, you can play, manage, or sync your music. Available Winamp player versions are 1.14 and 2.0. Recommended system requirements for Winamp – Android 3.0 or later.

Winamp for Android is available in Freeware and Professional versions.

License: Freeware / Shareware versions
OS: Android, Winamp

Winamp for Android 2.0

Winamp for Android 1.14

Winamp 5.8

Winamp 5.8

Winamp 5.8 beta has been uploaded to the cloud the release date of the build was on October 26, 2016. This build is the first Winamp beta released under new owner. There are many stability updates and future improvements of the last version, including the full compatibility with modern Microsoft operation systems. By the way this version absolutely free for everybody.


Date: 2018-2016
License: Free version
OS: Windows, Winamp

Download Winamp 5.8