Winamp Plugins

Winamp Plugins

Winamp may seem to have to gone by the wayside in terms of technical advancement as a media player but this is not the case at all. Although it’s 21 years old it still commands a well-regarded fanbase and a big reason for this is the huge range of free and paid for plug-ins that are available. The 3rd party plug-ins architecture enables you to extend Winamp’s flexibility to do what you require with Input, Output, Visualization, Digital signal processing/effects, Media library, mobile and general purpose and are quick and easy to download. The majority of plug-ins work on a local cache rather than live queries against the Icecast, SHOUTcast and Tunein services.


The general purpose plug-ins catalogue even includes everyday features which you can run, like an alarm clock, and the User Interface can be customized to your individual tastes and preferences. You can change your UI as often as you choose and save them as different installs. This comes on handy when you have you have more than one user. Some other examples of fun plug-ins are the CDG karaoke Plugin which is a free and safe plug-in you can use to play CDG files (mp3+g) in sync with MP3. SoftAmp Virtual Sound Winamp plug-in for 3D sound produces a three dimensional sound with four independent virtual speakers and enjoy the sound coming from above or from above and the reverberation effect is provided. You can even download the Pac-man game for free and relieve your youth!

The more serious and practical plug-ins such as the multiple DSP stacker allow you to stack as many plug-ins inside Winamp as you want, allowing you to manage everything from one place. Also available is the Waveform Seeker Plug-in v2.3.1 which defines the waveform output of a selected file which you can then use to search or seek within the file and allows you to maximize the potential within that file.

The Winamp software development kit even allows you, as a user, to create your own plug-ins across the 7 different categories such as output and input for specific projects to determine the outcomes you want to achieve. They also allow you to remove certain features that you don’t need or want, so you’re not stuck with built in facilities that take up valuable storage space. You manage your media player software, it doesn’t manage you.  There are numerous forums available on the net to discuss which plug-in will work best for what you want to do. Being a member of the forums is a great way to talk to like-minded people with a passion for the software and to continually grow your Winamp capabilities. It’s also your chance to change Winamp along the way and keep it fresh, relevant and in development.

If you haven’t had a look at the catalogue and range of plug-ins available in a while, then why not start downloading today and start experimenting today. Happy fine tuning!

This is an archive plugins for the best Winamp media player. You may find the most recent Winamp plugins. The archive contains over 1000 best and popular Winamp plugins. Have fun with your favorite media player.

Date: 2022-1999
License: Free version
Author: N/A
OS: Windows, Winamp

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16 thoughts on “Winamp Plugins

  1. I have been searching everywhere for a really old plugin. It is ACDC’s Angus dancing to the beat. I really hope someone has it or I may have to resort to recreating it.

  2. I’ve used Winamp since windows 3.1 / 486dx. 30 years later and it hasn’t been beat. Gapless playback before it was cool. Custom DSP with live coding editor + GUI toolkit. Supports insane number of file types. The lama may be dead, but the Winamp continues.

  3. I’m a long time winamp user(since win 98 i’m thinkin)and it’s always been my go to player. ya just can’t beat it! I mean cmon all the features you get with it not to mention the best fkn visualizer hands down in my opinion and for free? Ya good luck findin a player with all these features for free. I truly don’t think you’ll find anything even close. so thank you winamp peeps for stickin around for us we love ya

  4. I have been jamming with winamp since windows 95 (stone ages) lol, best one out there for free hands down. Rock On Winampers!

  5. Awesome thanx! Been rocking Winamp since 1998, and it still really does the job!

  6. Winamp has been my favorite media player for many many years. I am so glad Winamp is still around!

  7. I’m fairly new to Winamp but I have been looking for you for years. Now I’ve found you I’ll never let you go. Thank you for the only Christmas present I’ve received in well over a decade. Sincerely, I’ve fallen in love.

  8. Yes, you can download it, there are in_zip and other archive reader plugins. This plugin is with basic support for ZIP and RAR archives.

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