MacAmp Player

MacAmp – The Past Really Is Soon!

MacAmp is one of the earliest Mp3 players for Macintosh. It was first released by Dmitry Boldyrev and Subband on April 13, 1997. In 1999 it was one of the most used for Macintosh. The decoding was based on the PlayMedia Systems AMP MPEG-2, Layers 1, 2 and 3 decoder. MacAmp is still available for download over here. The official site of MacAmp is no longer available, but here – at the former official site – you can enjoy a bit of it’s history.


Date: April 13, 1997
Version: 2.0
Author: Subband Software
License: Free version
OS: Mac OS / PowerPC processor
Size: 726 KB

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Winamp Chinese Language Pack

Winamp Chinese Language Pack

The Chinese Language Pack includes the non-official Chinese translation (Walter Cheuk from Hong Kong) with some great enhancements and improvements. The Chinese Pack works on latest version of the Winamp.


Date: March 2017
Author: Walter Cheuk
License: Free version
OS: Windows / Winamp
Size: 14.4 MB

Download Winamp Chinese Language Pack

Winamp TV

Winamp TV

Winamp TV plugin lets you use the Winamp application to control your TV tuner. Added to the playlist or media library. Supports a wide variety of tuner cards. To change a TV or FM channel you only should to switch the track in Winamp.


Version: 1.9
Date: January 2004
License: Free version
OS: Windows, Winamp
Last Updated: 20/04/2019

Download TV plugin for Winamp