Winamp TV

Winamp TV

Winamp TV plugin lets you use the Winamp application to control your TV tuner. Added to the playlist or media library. Supports a wide variety of tuner cards. To change a TV or FM channel you only should to switch the track in Winamp.


Version: 1.9
Date: January 2004
License: Free version
OS: Windows, Winamp
Last Updated: 20/04/2019

Download TV plugin for Winamp


MiniTube for Winamp

The MiniTube plugin is going to find the video for you of your music playlist by looking it up on YouTube, etc.

Think of MiniTube as your own personal cloud media storage, where the music videos are being played from your own personal music playlist. There is an future to synchronize the videos and your mp3 files in the menu at the bottom. The first and final release dated August 2008.


Date: 25/08/2008
License: Free version
Size: 300KB
OS: Windows, Winamp 3-5
Last updated: 21/04/2019

The password is required to open this archive: winamp

Download MiniTube


Winamp Skins 2019

Winamp Skins 2019 (RePack 21)

Winamp Skins 2019 is a popular collection of 5000 skins for Winamp that still work with the all versions of Winamp. The collection has garnered significant interest and now available to everyone.
These skins were discovered and collected by Winamp fans. Start using the skins, you can have as many as you want until you find your best choice. Here is a list of all skins, double-click any file and apply to the new skin.


Date: 01/01/2019
License: Free version
Size: 1100 MB
OS: Windows, Winamp 2-5

Download Winamp Skins 2019
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