Winamp for Android 2.0

Winamp for Android 2.0 – attractive mobile music player with options for syncing audio to your phone over WiFi.

The application provides an really easy way to listen to music on your devices. The user interface in Winamp furnishes you with simple player controls for fast access to your music, and an easy way to switch between music tracks.

Please note: latest version of Winamp for Android.

Winamp for Android

Download Winamp for Android 2.0 Build 1147

4 thoughts on “Winamp for Android 2.0

  1. Great app, and working on Gingerbread 2.3.5:) But i was hoping to see custom Plugin support (so using in_NAME.dll files), i am also missing a ‘play by folder’ option, now only play by artist, albums, songs and genres are present.

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