WACUP (Windows Community Update Pack) is an independent project by those that care about Winamp and want to keep it working and being improved by providing applicable bug fixes to making replacement plug-ins for the native plug-ins.

Winamp Community Update Pack

All changes and improvements be WACUP are based on top of the patched Winamp release. The features include:

* Crash and security fixes to improve Winamp’s stability
* Tweaks to improve Winamp’s loading and closing times
* Additional new features based on Winamp user requests
* Additional command-line options for more flexibility
* Improved plug-in management options for more control
* Increased the media formats supported out of the box
* A lot more and even more to come with your support!


Date: 2021
Version: 1.0.21
License: Free version
Author: Darren Owen
OS: Windows 10/7/8/XP
Last Updated: 09/108/2021

Download WACUP

2 thoughts on “WACUP

  1. Wacup needs a proper review as this page is outdated and merely scratches the surface.
    For example, no mention of the youtube and soundcloud support (and more), or the handy features for DJs like the big clock and waveform seeker window.
    Milkdrop fixes and brand new presets with each update.
    Discord and twitter integration.
    …list goes on….

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