Winamp Android

Winamp for Android

The resurgence of Winamp is set to continue with the new downloadable app for android. This is music to the ears of millions of Winamp fans around the world. Developed by Nullsoft, you have a choice of either the free or professional version, depending on which version is best for you. It’s also available in a choice of 14 languages.

Features Available

This totally customizable, and unique, media player still stands out from the crowd and looks to be going from strength to strength. The software incorporates scrobbling with the last.FM app, which means you can capture your mobile listening in real-time. The Intuitive interface delivers consistent access to the Winamp home screen, player controls and the play queue for full functionality. You can also manage temporary track listings by sorting or saving as a playlist.


The standout feature of the android app is the free wireless syncing, which is compatible with both the Mac Sync Beta and the Winamp media player for PCs. The beauty is that both desktop apps allow one-click access to playlist importing and iTunes playlists, making it even easier to manage music from a variety of sources allowing you to catalog your music and video library in one place. Combine this with the access to the Radio SHOUTcast function, which gives you access to over 45,000 internet radio stations, and you’ll never miss a song again!

Other Features Include:

• Persistent player controls
• The now playing screen is easily collapsible or expandable
• Play queue management
• Artist News, photo’s, biographies and discographies
• Album art gesturing for track changes
• Integrated Android “Search and Listen to” voice commands
• Playlists and shortcuts
• Free music streaming with CDLP- steam on-demand any popular album releases


The Winamp Android pro bundle offers additional features, such as a customization home screen, cross-fade, gapless playback and a 0-band graphic equalizer. It also supports FLAC playback from browse by folders, along with replay gain. It also allows you to play any streaming audio URL, and brilliantly, adverts can also be avoided! To run this version you’ll require chip-sets with the ARMv7floating point instruction set. Almost all android devices in circulation from 2011 onward already contain this technology, but it’s worth checking.

Winamp Skins for Android

This beloved feature which separates WinAmp from other media players has some new additions as well as some familiar favorites. The android version allows you to use both Modern and Classic skins, so you can be both hip and retro at the same time. The android version also features the Bento Skin which is even easier to customize and is faster than previous versions. Plus you’ll find a choice over 20 color themes to suit every mood, file or project available. Winamp also carries forward the unobtrusive “Window Shade” mode. There are nearly 3000 Winamp skins available to download or Plugins. Modern skins support Alpha Channel transparency, a docked toolbar, scripting control and various other innovations which interact with the user-friendly interface.

Visual Effects

The familiar and fantastic visual effects which work in conjunction with the music’s frequencies are all there including screaming fireballs and sensational strobe effects. Then there’s the familiar MilkDrop 3D plugin which uses graphics hardware to deliver 3D visual effects through sound, creating incredible displays every time, not just the same repeated ones.

Plug in’s

Winamp has Plugin’s available for a multitude of uses. The language packs have helped the software to expand and retain its popularity as a multimedia player around the globe. There are DSP/Effect Plugin’s such as the AB Analysis Tool, Electri-q and PushTec to increase how you interact and create unique visual effects. Some of the general plugin’s available include Deadhead, BogProg embedded Art and many many others. There are a ton on input, output and encoding Plugin’s for complete customization. Not to mention the ones for awesome games like pac-man and Sea Wolf and these are easily combined with the plugin’s for your portable devices.

The Winamp communities continue to keep making this software their own, by adding their unique take on certain aspects of the software, constantly keeping it evolving so it stays fresh and new. This can be seen with just the various adaptions of the Bento skin alone. Winamp remains the only truly fully customization multimedia player on the market and it’s fantastic to see it adapting to new devices and additions so easily. So if you’ve made the move to Android, you can take your version of your own personal Winamp with you, and continue to make it personal to you, no matter which devices you choose to run it from.

Release Date: December 10, 2010
Author: Nullsoft
Version: 2.1/1.14
License: Freeware / Shareware versions
OS: The program runs under Android 3.0 and above
File Size: 28.8 MB
Last Updated: February 18, 2023

Download Winamp for Android

Winamp Old Version

Winamp Old Versions

When it comes to technology, the speed of change is so rapid that we don’t really miss the Winamp old version.

Winamp  has been around longer than most software audio players, and it has a large group of faithful fans. After trying out some of the player’s more dazzling cousins, we concluded that it’s a solid product for those looking for a simple, stripped-down player with some useful features.

It may be one of the original MP3 player programs, but don’t let its age put you off — Winamp offers an intelligent mix of features, skins, and plug-ins. Winamp supports 19 audio-file formats, but not the RealAudio format of competitor RealNetworks. It also does not support MP3 encoding. And while previous versions were distributed as shareware, this one is free — no strings attached.
The program’s playlist options include drag-and-drop editing; organizing by title, filename, or at random; reducing the interface to a playlist window with a minimal set of controls; and altering MP3 song information with a built-in tag editor.
Winamp’s interface is built around four modules. The first offers a set of VCR-like controls, a scrolling information screen, an elapsed-time indicator, and access to the pull-down menus. The second functions either as a 10-band equalizer or a display area for visualizations. The third shows the current playlist by song title and length, and the fourth provides a search engine for finding music online. You can attach the modules to each other and use them in any combination.
The most impressive of Winamp’s plug-ins is SRS Labs’ Wow Thing. It adds 3D aural effects and compensates for the loss of high and low frequencies caused by the MP3 compression. Other plug-ins perform cross-fades between songs, add Winamp controls to your Windows taskbar, make reverb effects, and change the pitch of the audio.
The program’s visualization plug-ins create 3D animated characters that dance to the music, link the program to the video signal from your video-input card, and let you create your own visualizations from a library of effects. The skins for Winamp, while not as exotic as Sonique’s, offer an assortment of attractive colors and styles.

Please find below the collection of old version of Winamp (Winamp 0.2, Winamp 1.0, Winamp 2.0, Winamp 3.0, Winamp 5.0).
They are compatible with all versions of Windows.

Winamp_0.2   Winamp_0.95.2

Winamp_3.0   Winamp_5.0

Last updated: 31/12/2022
OS: Windows 95/98/XP/7/10/11

Download Winamp 0.20

Download Winamp 0.95.2

Download Winamp 1.0

Download Winamp 1.9978

Download Winamp 2.0

Download Winamp 2.95

Download Winamp 3.0

Download Winamp 5.0 (Lite)

Download Winamp 5.0 (Full)

Winamp 5.9

Winamp 5.9 Final Released

Finally, Winamp 5.9 has been released! This is the culmination of 4 years’ work since the previous release.

Winamp (the legendary audio player that was present on most computers in the late 90s and early 2000s). Plays files in MP3, OGG, AAC, WAV, MOD, XM, S3M, IT, MIDI, etc. formats, supports video playback (AVI, ASF, MPEG, NSV). There is the ability to change skins, a large number of settings and parameters, a visualization module, a media library and much more.

Winamp now requires Windows 7 as the minimum required operating system and supports latest and greatest releases.

Download Winamp 5.9