Winamp 5.6 for Windows

One of its latest stable available versions is Winamp 5.6 (Windows media player).

Winamp is less complex compared to other multimedia Winadows players remains to be full featured with its wide range of features for a full multimedia experience. Supporting all formats (like audio and video), Winamp plays internet streamed content, both live and even those authored worldwide.

Update notes:

Critical Winamp 5.6 update 1
Update patches – Winamp 5.6 Build 3516

Changelog: Fixes skinned windows setting – not being remembered JTFE v. 1.33

Critical Winamp 5.6 update 2
in_mp3.dll Winamp 5.6

Changelog: Fixes a crash with some id3vs tags IN-MP3

Winamp_5.6_1   Winamp_5.6_2

Winamp_5.6_3   Winamp_5.6_4

Winamp_5.6_5   Winamp_5.6_6


Download Winamp for Windows 5.6 (Full)

Download Winamp for Windows 5.6 (Lite)

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