Winamp Lite

Winamp Lite Version

Winamp Lite is a light version of the tool, offering the limited functionality of Winamp with a couples features and in a smaller archive. The Winamp Lite is a reduced version of Winamp and is absolutely free for use.


Author: Nullsoft
Version: 5.x
License: Freeware version
OS: The program runs under Windows 98 and above
File Size: 4 MB
Last Updated: 21/04/19

Download Winamp Lite

Winamp 5.8

Winamp 5.8 Beta

Winamp 5.8 beta has been uploaded to the cloud the release date of the build was on October 26, 2016. This build is the first Winamp beta released under new owner. There are many stability updates and future improvements of the last version, including the full compatibility with modern Microsoft operation systems. By the way this version absolutely free for everybody.


Date: 2018-2016
License: Free version
OS: Windows, Winamp

Download Winamp 5.8