Winamp Essentials Pack (Winamp Software)

Winamp Essentials Pack 5.6 & 5.7

Winamp Essentials Pack is a media player codec, like plugin for the well-known audio player, created by the Winamp staff and other contributors.

The tools and features contained by this application have not been released in other official packs, but most users will find them very helpful. This collection of tools contains the Ogg Vorbis Encoder, the Apple Lossless (alac) Decoder, WavPack Decoder, Waveform Wrapper and Lite-n Winamp Preferences. Other additional features are time restore, autoplay, ML Enqueue and play, a skin manager, an album art viewer, the playlist undo option, the Unicode Taskbar Fixer and the Find File On Disk option.

One of the best collections of plugins, Winamp Essentials Pack adds many new features to Winamp while being compact and easy to install at the same time. This tool is strongly recommended for those who want to get the best out of their music and enrich Winamp with new features.


· Ogg Vorbis Encoder
· Apple Lossless (alac) Decoder
· FLAKE Encoder
· WavPack Decoder
· Waveform Wrapper
· Lite-n Winamp Preferences
· ML Enqueue & Play
· Time Restore & Autoplay
· Skins in Submenu
· Playlist Undo
· Find File On Disk
· Predixis Removal tool
· Playlist Sidecar for Modern Skin

Download Winamp Essentials Pack 5.6

Download Winamp Essentils Pack 5.7 beta 4