Winamp Easter Eggs

Winamp Easter egg is an intentional inside joke, hidden message, or feature in a work such as a computer program, video game, movie, book, or crossword puzzle. The name has been said to evoke the idea of a traditional Easter egg hunt.

Llama Snake
1. Open Winamp as normal.
2. Verify you are currently using the Bento theme by going into Winamp Menu -> Skins and selecting “Bento.”
3. Open the Preferences dialog by clicking CTRL + P.
4. On the side menu, navigate to Skins->Modern Skins.
5. Select the tab labeled “Current Skin” from the tab list along the top of the Preferences dialog.
6. Double click the Bento animation box.

You may now begin playing Llama Snake. Much like Snake of old, eat the icons (llamas in Winamp) and move your snake around while avoiding walls and one’s tail.

Funky “Hidden Part”
How to find it:
1: press ctrl+P to bring up preferences.
2: click on plugins.
3: scroll down to input.
4: highlight Nullsoft NSV decoder v1.07
5: click on about
6: double click on the llama picture with the movie clip roll to the left of the about box.
7: now you get some extra information about the plugin and a funky animation. the first line it tells you is: “nullsoft presents you nSVplayer hidden part!” also if you carry on double clicking on this mini picture you get different animations

Fun with Beats
Egg 1: With the defualt (Modern) skin chosen stretch the main window until the Beat Analyzer (it says “beat” under it) appears. Hold down Ctrl+Alt+Shift and Click the Center of the beat analyzer. Now put on a song with fast beats and loud bass. (My suggestion would be “Insane in the Brain”)
Egg 2: Type “nullsoft” in the main window. Since L is a shortcut key to open a file it is neccesary to pres “esc” after both L’s. So you’re really typing
N-U-L-(esc)-L-(esc)-s-o-f-t. Now put on a song with fast beats and loud bass and enjoy the effect.
If it doesn’t work for you and you’re interested in what each does:
Egg 1: Replaces the beat analyzer with 2 llamas that head bang to the beats.
Egg 2: Changes to opacity of winamp with the beats.

Hidden Logos
This might work on other versions, but i just installed 5.09 and found it.
If you open the ‘about winamp’ box the default screen is the winamp tab showing a graphic of the winamp llama.
To change that to a winamp license plate:
Hold ctrl and double click the llama picture.
To change that to the warez logo:
Hold shift and double click the llama picture.

Spinning Fish
Open up winamp and bring up the Preferences box.
Go to Plug-ins and more specifically the Input section.
Click on the Nullsoft Vorbis Decoder.
Then click on about.
If you click on the fish it will start to spin. The faster you click, the faster it spins.
It gives you a reading in RPM of how fast the fish is going and keeps a record of your highest score.

Funky Llama Background in Credits Screen
I discovered this while playing around trying to see what other eggs were present in Winamp.
First of all open up Winamp’s “About Winamp” dialogue by clicking right button on the titlebar and clicking “Nullsoft Winamp…”
Click on the “Credits” tab, see the nice spinning display with a ball floating around the screen, cool eh? Well we can make the walls look funkier too. Hold down CTRL+SHIFT and double click on the animated area with the RIGHT mouse button;
This display will go full screen with the texture of the ball (the Llama image) and the texture of the wall (gray checkerboard) reversed revealing a quite cool looking display.
If you repeat the above process while in this full screen view it will revert back to normal windowed display with the textures still changed.
PS. The display motion is subject to which visualisation you have active, if you have the bar graph style display the rings will mimic each one of the bars, if you have the oscilloscope visualisation active then the light ball will throb in size and brightness in time to the music.

Izotope Ozone for Winamp
Load the izotope ozone plugin. Left-click four times quickly over the output gain LED-number area. You should see an LED animation play. Memorize the four symbols that appear in sequence. Next, when the LED area goes blank, quickly left click the LED area to toggle symbols in order that you memorized them from left to right. You will have 10 seconds to do this (as shown by the input gain LED). If you do it correctly, a game-screen will appear entitled Chompers. You have to eat the letters by controlling the snake with the keyboard.

Winamp Version 5 – Flashing Main Window
First off, make sure you are using the default “Winamp Modern” skin.

Select the main window (where the playback buttons are located.) Type ‘nullsoft’. after each L the ‘open file’ dialogue box will open, so you have to hit escape. so really youre typing N,U,L,Esc,L,Esc,S,O,F,T.

In previous versions of WinAmp, this changed the title from WinAmp to “It Really Whips The Llama’s Ass”, however in the new WinAmp Modern skin it causes the main window to change opacity along with the beat of the song you are listening to!

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