Winamp for Windows 10 Download

Winamp for Windows 10 Download

Download Winamp for Windows 10

Here you can find new and safe downloads Winamp 5 for Windows 10 (Windows media player) with contain required update patches. Windows 10 had backward compatibility with Winamp skins and popular plugins. Compatibility Winamp updates for security support are have already installed. Winamp works perfectly well with Windows 10.

Download Winamp 5.6 for Windows 10

Winamp Essentials Pack 5.6 & 5.7 Download page

20 thoughts on “Winamp for Windows 10 Download

  1. Winamp is best and lightweight media player. Too much skins and plugins available, so easy to customize with my favorite playlists.

  2. trop cool depuis windows10 les visualisations ne fonctionnaient plus. Cette version fonctionne parfaitement ! Merci

  3. My favorite old-school media player since I got my PC in 2001. When I was studying in University. Wow…
    I was happy to know somebody help us make a portable Winamp for new Windows 10. I have tried a lot new and modern media players, but Winamp is still my preffered choice.

    Thank you for doing the job!

  4. Thanks for this. I have been using Winamp for last ten years. Winamp makes my life easy with a large number of songs and favorite skins. Happy Christmas!

  5. aimp player is winamps reicornation, please try if you want. hope this is goood site to trade winamp for best player ever. still using winamp 6.56 i dont like newest version number.

  6. There’s no such thing as Winamp for Windows 10… the latest version of Winamp before it was sold to Radionomy was version 5.666… and Windows 10 didn’t exist then.
    That latest version works perfectly on my laptop that runs Windows 10, but previous versions of Winamp work just as well on Windows 10, even versions that I downloaded 10 years ago !
    And all my skins, both Modern and Classic, even very old skins from 2004, work just fine too. Regarding the visualizations, I use only Milkdrop, Morphyre and Flashes 2, as they are about the only visualizations which can be integrated within the skin visualizer, as opposed to the expensive Soundspectrum visualizations (G-Force, Aeon, Whitecap…) which need to play “outside” of the skin.
    What I miss most in Windows 10 is the wonderful personalization of the themes that Windows 7 allowed… I don’t want Windows to choose colours for me !

  7. The version installed on Win10 is good enough: the player is fast, even if you used low price hardware (like Cyrix 5×86 or 6×86) )

  8. I am very happy about my Winamp and Windows 10. Winamp (patched version) works perfectly well and compatible with Windows 10. This is great the Winamp software that has always run from my old laptops with Windows 98 SE to my Core i7 laptop with Windows 10.

    id3v2 crash issue – fixed!
    in_mp3.dll crash issue fixed too!

    P.S. I hate win10 and the metro style!

  9. Brings back nostalgic memories with Winamp 5 )
    upd The free version Winamp 5 doesn’t have the audio converter with Windows 10

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