GTA V – GTA 5 (Winamp Skins)

GTA V (GTA 5) City of Los Santos Winamp Skin

GTA 5 can be depraved, amoral, sickeningly violent and childishly desperate to shock, yet it’s also one of the richest and deepest games ever made, with an ambitious three-stranded storyline that holds so many disparate parts together. The last-gen version was a masterpiece. This next version is better.

Author – Jonathan6506 (

Put the download file (City of *.wsz) into C:\Program Files\Winamp\Skins.
Open the file, then it will prompt you to install the skin. Click Yes.
License to King/Kink for design program.

GTA5 Winamp Skin

Download GTA V (GTA5) Skin

Winamp Good Night Sleep 1.0 (Winamp Plugins)

Winamp Good Night Sleep Plugin

Version – 1.0
Author – Slava Akhmechet
Web site –

When you go to sleep, you can turn it on, set up the time period, and leave your computer. During that time, this plugin will gradually reduce the volume, so you can fall asleep easily. It will even turn off the computer after it’s done.

Winamp Good Night Sleep

Download Winamp Goodnight Sleep

Winamp Tray Control Icon Pack 3.4 (Winamp Tools)

Winamp Tray Control Icon Pack

Version – 3.4
Year – 2014
Author – Christoph Grether

Winamp Tray Pack installer contains the icon sets which are available on the www. Run the application and style it just like you like it.

– contains 36 of the icon packs.
– Installer shows you a preview for each icon pack if you hover the mouse.
– You can configure the Tray Control Plugin from within the installer.
– installer is available in several languages.

Winamp Tray Control

Download Winamp Tray Pack