Winamp Skins

Winamp Skins

Last updated: 28/11/2019
File Size: 1.2 GB
License: Free
OS: Windows/MacOS, Winamp 2-5

With Winamp, fans could select from a variety of different skins, each one adding an extra visual experience that enhances viewing and listening pleasure. The Winamp comes with a couple skins to choose from, but it is super easy to create own skin.

Winamp skins are art collections of one or more computer art files, organized by a text file, which tells Winamp how to use them to display a skin. You could use a variety of programs to modify existing skins. For example, using the special drawing tools and picture art supplied with Winamp Skin Maker, you can create custom artwork by just dragging and dropping. Furthermore, you do not need to be a computer developer to create the text file used to define an individual Winamp skin.

This is a Winamp mega skin pack that contains more 5000 unique and original skins that you can use with Winamp. The destination archive contains items of a different type like Animated, Nature, Retro, Transportation, Stylish, Sport, Computer, and more. Have fun with your favorite media player.

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Castlevania (Winamp skins)


Castlevania is a video games, a clan of vampire hunters, and theis with Dracula. The story is set in both medieval and modern world and follows a weakened Dracula who is on a quest to defeat his former enemy Satan. Gameplays takes after the original game but this time through an open world. The player controls Dracula who uses multiple powers to achieve his goals.

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Castlevania screenshot

Castlvania Screenshot

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