Best Winamp Skin Pack 10

Doctor Who Winamp Skin

Doctor Who is a British science-fiction tv programme produced by the BBC.


Date: 2006
License: Free version
Author: Jones Owns
OS: Windows, Winamp 5.x
Download Doctor Who Winamp Skin

Wasabi Winamp Skin

Wasabi is a spice traditionally prepared from a plant from the cabbage family (cabbages, horseradish, and mustard).


Date: 2004
License: Free version
Author: Nullsoft Skinz
OS: Windows, Winamp 5.x
Download Wasabi Winamp Skin

Washington DC Winamp Skin


Date: 2005
License: Free version
Author: Nemo Orange
OS: Windows, Winamp 5.x
Download Washington DC Winamp Skin

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