Winamp Skins 2020

Winamp Skins 2020 (RePack 22)

Last updated: 01/01/2020
Skins: 4372
File Size: 1.18 GB
License: Free
OS: Windows/MacOS, Winamp 2.95 – 5.7

Skins are one of Winamp’s most popular features. What are skins? Skins are themes or a set of images that allow an artist to customize their Winamp to be whatever their heart desires! We’ve compiled the all of the best skins into The Best of Winamp Skins 2020 (RePack 22). Download and install and have the best skins instantly! Or, search through our Skins Pages and choose for yourself! Come back often as an average of 10 skins are added every day!

A lot of people get really excited when they find out that they can change the look of Winamp through skinning. The problem is they get turned off once they hit a roadblock, be it what to do next, hit a problem submitting to, or indeed, just figuring out how to get started. So here we have a set of simple steps that holds your hand from initial idea to finished masterpiece. Good luck!


Need help, do ya? You do have the option to take the Winamp Walkthrough which shows you the most popular features as well as basic functionality of the player. You will learn how to load music into your player, set up your Web Browser to automatically connect and play SHOUTcast radio stations. Once you have mastered such features as those, you are ready to build your collection of music and play with the most popular player on the Internet today!

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4 thoughts on “Winamp Skins 2020

  1. I am new on this site. Many years ago I made my own classic skins for Winamp. Nothing special, just importing a photo or picture in a small program and let it finish the job. Three years ago I lost everything in a computer crash. I don’t remember the name of that program anymore. Only that it was a Version 1.0.
    Anybody know where I can find a program to make my own skins? Thanks.

  2. Awesome skins. I have been using Winamp since 2006! I love it, baby. The best player out there still. No other compares in 2020!

  3. Coming to Winamp back after so many years make me realize that this is it!!! this is the only player i need for my music. Period. Also, thank you so much for accumulating endless skins under one platform. I have been searching them but this website give me multitude of skins options. Loved it!!!

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